Cable Winder Organizer
Cable Winder Organizer
Cable Winder Organizer
Cable Winder Organizer
Cable Winder Organizer
Cable Winder Organizer
Cable Winder Organizer

Cable Winder Organizer

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 Put an end the age-old problem of tangled, lost and unidentifiable cables once & for all!

Keeping your living space organized can be tiresome, especially when there are multiple electronic devices placed close to each other. So if you're looking to put an end to your never-ending cable management struggles, then look no further than this Cable Winder Organizer! This handy accessory will help declutter your home & workplaces effortlessly.

It saves you from having to deal with the chaotic balls of cords wrapped around each other because it perfectly winds all those loose cables you have lying around. Not only does it give a quick-clean solution of hiding your cables, but it also provides easy access at any moment by keeping them in a centralized location.


  • PROLONG CABLE LIFESPAN & ENSURE SAFETY: Protect cords from being damaged and keep any accidents at bay
  • KEEP CABLES WELL ORGANIZED: Great for harnessing multiple cables into a single manageable bundle and make your home or office look more inviting, neat & tidy
  • INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: Eliminates cluttered and tangled cords to avoid stifling your creativity and full productivity
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: It comes with a free clamp to ease up the installation progress, simply gather the cables together, and zip-up using the clamp

  • CONVENIENCE: The individual opening ports allow you to easily pull your phone cables, USB wires and connect your devices conveniently
  • OFFER EASE OF ACCESSIBILITY: Designed with zip-up solution, this will manage and conceal cables while providing easy access
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZED: This highly flexible and reusable gadget can be customized by cutting it out with scissors to your desired length

  • WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for organizing cords behind the TV & computer monitor, keeping your homes pet/baby proof, decluttering desks, or simply reducing the cable mess below your feet
  • FLEXIBLE: It can be expanded to fit a wide variety of cables

  • LARGE CAPACITY: This organizer can hold up to 4 TV cables and 4 USB cords

How to Use

  • Gather the cables together
  • Wrap it around using the clip assistant
  • Zip it up using the clip


  • Spiral Wrap Material: PE
  • Clamp Material: ABS
  • Length: 1 meter
  • Color: Black / White / Grey

Package Includes

  • 1 x Cable Winder Organizer
  • 1 x Clamp