BraceletCleanse®  Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet
BraceletCleanse®  Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet
BraceletCleanse®  Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet

BraceletCleanse® Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet

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Let’s look at our happy users who experienced the magical relief of the Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet!

Sandra, 47,  was finally confident to put on her sleeveless gown for her daughter's wedding ... "I had heavy and puffy arms that took my confidence away in wearing sleeveless. When my daughter got married, I'd like to wear a sleeveless gown for her wedding but I was worried about my major wings. I came across these bracelets and decided to try them. I actually noticed the swelling was greatly reduced within a week of wearing it. Every morning, I woke up feeling more energized. Finally, I was able to put on my sleeveless gown a month later for my daughter's wedding and looked well. For the first time in a long time, I do not feel like I would take flight if a stiff wind happened"

Sandra Perkins, 47, Austin, Texas

Hailey has dropped 61 lbs and has no more back pain ...

"I have had an issue with my weight and holding extra water in my body, primarily around my waist. My body weight also caused me some back pain that really kills sometimes. Saw this bracelet and decided to try it. Wearing this for 1 week, my waist starting to slim quite a bit. In my 12 weeks of using this I’ve lost 61lbs! Back pains and swelling are gone!

Hailey Johnson, 29, Tucson, Arizona

 Do you know how our lymphatic system works? It is our body's 'sewerage system" to absorb digestive tract fats and remove cellular waste. Let's take a look.

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system. This extensive system travels throughout the body to remove waste from every cell to regulate the immune system. It includes a complex network of vessels, ducts, lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus, adenoids, and tonsils.

The lymphatic vessels act as a giant drainage system so that the body can function properly and stay healthy. Lymph blockage leads to waste and toxin buildup in the body, weakening immunity and causing a wide range of health issues.

Lymphedema occurs when the lymph system is damaged or blocked. Fluid builds up in soft body tissues and causes swelling. It usually affects an arm or leg, but it can also affect other parts of the body. There are several ways to solve Lymphedema, such removal surgery or radiation, but most of them are risky and harmful to health.

 Magnetic Therapy - The Key Solution for Lymph Drainage The use of magnetic energy for healing dates back thousands of years. The Greek philosopher Aristotle spoke about the therapeutic properties of the magnet in 3 BC. The World’s earliest written medical text, The Yellow Emperor's Book of Internal Medicine, published in China, features magnet therapies to correct health imbalances and positively affecting the " life force " of the body.

Magnetic therapy realigns the electromagnetic charge in the body cells to promote self healing, which is good for the lymphatic system. The magnetic field heals by alkalizing the tissue and releasing oxygen from its bound state back to its molecular state. By returning tissue to a normal, healthy state, the magnetic field governs energy recovery, relieves inflammation, swelling, acidosis and accelerates healing.

That's why we created ...

The Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet contains tiny but 5x powerful magnets to significantly reduce swelling on lymph nodes and reduce 60% excess lymph fluid in consistent wear for 3 months.

What makes Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet your great choice?

  • 5x powerful magnetic therapy
  • Effective lymphatic detoxification
  • Reduce 60% of excess lymph fluid in 3 months
  • Perfect treatment for lymphatic drainage, edema, spider veins and varicose veins
  • Unclog blood stream and lymph nodes
  • Fast visible result
  • Stylish design
  • Works as bracelet or anklet

Here is Camille Garner’s Lymphatic System Cleansing Journey with the Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet!

I’m obese, and live a sedentary life style. My body took its toll after holiday. The bloating, I believed was due to being obese, sitting around for prolonged hours, not being active. I want to lose weight and eliminate my bloating problem in a natural way. I saw this in the internet and thought of trying it.

So, for the first week of wearing this I can feel that my body was finally flushing the water that was retaining in my tummy. From 190 lbs I am now down to 183lbs. I lost 7lbs in just 1 week!

On my 4th week of wearing this I notice my stomach were hurting less, skin getting less tight, I was able to move around more freely since the water was prevent me from moving around. Tried to weigh and surprised that this slashed the 15 lbs of my weight!

After 8 weeks of wearing this my face slimmed down back to almost normal and I have lots of energy!!! I have lost weight (another 16lbs). I DO BELIEVE wearing this has contributed to my weight loss!

My 12th week of wearing this, the swelling and bloating were totally gone! I was surprised how quickly it worked. And at this time, I’ve lost total of 56lbs! If you're having fluid retention or puffiness, weight loss problem, try this Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet!

  • Materials: Medical-use magnets, premium Zinc alloy
  • Color: Rose gold, silver, gold, black